Project Management Professional


PMP Requirements: Must have secondary degree, 7500 hours leading and directing projects, and 35 hours of Project Management education OR 4-year degree, 4500 hours leading and directing projects, and 35 hours of Project Management education.

Course Length: 5 days

Course Content:
Lesson 1: Examining Professional Project Management
Topic A: Identify Project Management Processes
Topic B: Identify Professional and Social Responsibilities
Topic C: Identify the Interpersonal Skills Required for a Project Manager

Lesson 2: Initiating a Project
Topic A: Examine the Project Management Context
Topic B: Examine Project Selection
Topic C: Prepare a Project Statement of Work
Topic D: Create a Project Charter
Topic E: Identify Project Stakeholders

Lesson 3: Planning Project Work
Topic A: Identify the Elements of a Project Management Plan
Topic B: Document Stakeholder Requirements
Topic C: Create a Scope Statement
Topic D: Develop a Work Breakdown Structure

Lesson 4: Developing Project Schedules
Topic A: Create an Activity List
Topic B: Create a Project Schedule Network Diagram
Topic C: Estimate Activity Resources
Topic D: Estimate Duration for Project Activities
Topic E: Develop a Project Schedule
Topic F: Identify the Critical Path
Topic G: Optimize the Project Schedule
Topic H: Establish a Schedule Baseline

Lesson 5: Developing Cost Estimates and Budgets
Topic A: Estimate Project Costs
Topic B: Estimate the Cost Baseline
>Topic C: Reconcile Funding and Costs

Lesson 6: Planning Project Quality, Staffing, and Communications
Topic A: Create a Quality Management Plan
Topic B: Document the Project Roles, Responsibilities, and Reporting Relationships
Topic C: Create a Communications Management Plan

Lesson 7: Analyzing Risks and Planning Risk Responses
Topic A: Examine a Risk Management Plan
Topic B: Identify Project Risks and Triggers
Topic C: Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Topic D: Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Topic E: Develop a Risk Response Plan

Lesson 8: Planning Project Procurements
Topic A: Plan Project Procurements
Topic B: Prepare a Procurement Statement of Work
Topic C: Prepare a Procurement Document

Lesson 9: Executing Project Work
Topic A: Identify the Direct and Manage Project Execution Process
Topic B: Execute a Quality Assurance Plan
Topic C: Acquire the Project Team
Topic D: Develop the Project Team
Topic E: Manage the Project Team
Topic F: Distribute Project Information
Topic G: Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations

Lesson 10: Managing Project Procurement
Topic A: Examine the Conduct Procurements Process
Topic B: Obtain Responses from Sellers
Topic C: Determine Project Sellers

Lesson 11: Monitoring and Controlling Project Work
Topic A: Identify the Monitor and Control Project Work Process
Topic B: Develop an Integrated Change Control System

Topic C: Utilize the Integrated Change Control System
Topic D: Review Deliverables and Work Results
Topic E: Control the Project Scope

Lesson 12: Monitoring and Controlling Project Schedule and Costs
Topic A: Control the Project Schedule
Topic B: Control Project Costs

Lesson 13: Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance and Quality
Topic A: Perform Quality Control
Topic B: Report on Project Performance

Lesson 14: Monitoring and Controlling Project Risks and Procurements
Topic A: Monitor and Control Project Risks
Topic B: Administer Project Procurements

Lesson 15: Closing the Project
Topic A: Close Project Procurements
Topic B: Close the Project or Phase Administratively


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